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mod_supplier_proposal_saphir Class Reference

Class of file that contains the numbering module rules Saphir. More...

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Public Member Functions

 info ()
 Return description of module. More...
 getExample ()
 Renvoi un exemple de numerotation. More...
 getNextValue ($objsoc, $supplier_proposal)
 Return next value. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ModeleNumRefSupplierProposal
 isEnabled ()
 Return if a module can be used or not. More...
 info ()
 Renvoi la description par defaut du modele de numerotation. More...
 getExample ()
 Renvoi un exemple de numerotation. More...
 canBeActivated ()
 Test si les numeros deja en vigueur dans la base ne provoquent pas de de conflits qui empechera cette numerotation de fonctionner. More...
 getNextValue ($objsoc, $propal)
 Renvoi prochaine valeur attribuee. More...
 getVersion ()
 Renvoi version du module numerotation. More...

Detailed Description

Class of file that contains the numbering module rules Saphir.

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Member Function Documentation

mod_supplier_proposal_saphir::getExample ( )

Renvoi un exemple de numerotation.

string Example

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References getNextValue().

mod_supplier_proposal_saphir::getNextValue (   $objsoc,

Return next value.

Societe$objsocObject third party
Propal$supplier_proposalObject supplier_proposal
string Value if OK, 0 if KO

Definition at line 109 of file mod_supplier_proposal_saphir.php.

References get_next_value().

Referenced by getExample().

mod_supplier_proposal_saphir::info ( )

Return description of module.

string Texte descripif

Definition at line 46 of file mod_supplier_proposal_saphir.php.

References $form.

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