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DolibarrApiAccess Class Reference

Dolibarr API access class. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __isAllowed ()
 Check access. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static verifyAccess (array $m)
 Verify access. More...

Detailed Description

Dolibarr API access class.

API class for users.

API class for thirdparties.

API class for contacts.

API class for projects.

API class for warehouses.

API class for stock movements.

API class for products.

API class for mymodule myobject.

API class for supplier orders.

API class for supplier invoices.

API class for Expense Reports.

API class for shipments.

API class for contracts.

API class for invoices.

API class for accounts.

API class for orders.

API class for Agenda Events.

API class for categories.

API that gives the status of the Dolibarr instance.

API class for dictionaries.

API class for subscriptions.

API class for members types.

API class for members.

protected ,external}

-auto-routing false protected ,external}

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Member Function Documentation

DolibarrApiAccess::__isAllowed ( )

Check access.


Definition at line 70 of file api_access.class.php.

References dol_syslog().

static DolibarrApiAccess::verifyAccess ( array  $m)

Verify access.

array$mProperties of method



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