dolibarr  9.0.0
adherents Directory Reference



file  agenda.php [code]
 Page of members events.
file  card.php [code]
 Page of member.
file  document.php [code]
 Tab for documents linked to third party.
file  htpasswd.php [code]
 Page d'export htpasswd du fichier des adherents.
file  index.php [code]
 Page accueil module adherents.
file  ldap.php [code]
 Page fiche LDAP adherent.
file  list.php [code]
 Page to list all members of foundation.
file  note.php [code]
 Tab for note of a member.
file  subscription.php [code]
 Onglet d'ajout, edition, suppression des adhesions d'un adherent.
file  type.php [code]
 Member's type setup.
file  type_ldap.php [code]
 Page fiche LDAP members types.