dolibarr  7.0.0-beta
commande Directory Reference
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directory  stats
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file  card.php [code]
 Page to show customer order.
file  contact.php [code]
 Onglet de gestion des contacts de commande.
file  customer.php [code]
 Show list of customers to add an new invoice from orders.
file  document.php [code]
 Management page of documents attached to an order.
file  index.php [code]
 Home page of customer order module.
file  info.php [code]
 Page des informations d'une commande.
file  list.php [code]
 Page to list orders.
file  note.php [code]
 Fiche de notes sur une commande.
file  orderstoinvoice.php [code]
 Page to invoice multiple orders.