dolibarr  16.0.5
bank Directory Reference



file  annuel.php [code]
 Page to report input-output of a bank account.
file  bankentries_list.php [code]
 List of bank transactions.
file  bilan.php [code]
 Page de bilan.
file  budget.php [code]
 Page de budget.
file  card.php [code]
 Page to create/view a bank account.
file  categ.php [code]
 Page ajout de categories bancaires.
file  document.php [code]
 Page de gestion des documents attaches a un compte bancaire.
file  graph.php [code]
 Page graph des transactions bancaires.
file  info.php [code]
 Onglet info d'une ecriture bancaire.
file  line.php [code]
 Page to edit a bank transaction record.
file  list.php [code]
 Home page of bank module.
file  releve.php [code]
 Page to show a bank statement report.
file  transfer.php [code]
 Page de saisie d'un virement.
file  treso.php [code]
 Page to estimate future balance.