dolibarr  16.0.5
system Directory Reference


file  about.php [code]
 About Dolibarr File page.
file  browser.php [code]
 Page to show Dolibarr informations.
file  constall.php [code]
 Page to show all Dolibarr setup (config file and database constants)
file  database-tables.php [code]
 Page with information on database tables. Add also some maintenance action to convert tables.
file  database.php [code]
 Page with system information of database.
file  dbtable.php [code]
 Page d'info des contraintes d'une table.
file  dolibarr.php [code]
 Page to show Dolibarr information.
file  filecheck.php [code]
 Page to check Dolibarr files integrity.
file  modules.php [code]
 File to list all Dolibarr modules.
file  os.php [code]
 Page des infos systeme de l'OS.
file  perf.php [code]
 Page to show Performance information.
file  phpinfo.php [code]
 Page des infos systeme de php.
file  security.php [code]
 Page to show Security information.
file  web.php [code]
 Page with web server system information.
file  xcache.php [code]
 Page administration XCache.
file  xdebug.php [code]
 Page administration XDebug.