dolibarr  17.0.4
Module Interventions

Module to manage intervention cards. More...


file  box_ficheinter.php
 Box to show last interventions.
file  pdf_strato.modules.php
 Strato contracts template class file.
file  pdf_soleil.modules.php
 File of Class to build interventions documents with model Soleil.
file  modules_fichinter.php
 File that contains parent class for PDF interventions models and parent class for interventions numbering models.
file  modFicheinter.class.php
 Description and activation file for the module Ficheinter.
file  card.php
 Page of intervention.
file  fichinter.class.php
 Fichier de la classe des gestion des fiches interventions.
file  list.php
 List of all interventions.

Detailed Description

Module to manage intervention cards.