dolibarr  17.0.4
Module expensereport

Module to manage expense report. More...


file  expensereport.php
 Setup page of module ExpenseReport.
file  expensereport_extrafields.php
 Page to setup extra fields of expensereport.
file  expensereport_ik.php
 Page to display expense tax ik.
file  expensereport_rules.php
 Page to display expense tax ik.
file  pdf_standard.modules.php
 File of class to generate expense report from standard model.
file  mod_expensereport_jade.php
 File of class to manage expensereport numbering rules Jade.
file  mod_expensereport_sand.php
 Fichier contenant la classe du modele de numerotation de reference de note de frais Sand.
file  modExpenseReport.class.php
 Description and activation file for the module ExpenseReport.
file  ajaxik.php
 File to return Ajax response on third parties request.
file  card.php
 Page for trip and expense report card.
file  expensereport.class.php
 File to manage Expense Reports.
file  expensereportstats.class.php
 Fichier de la classe de gestion des stats des expensereport et notes de frais.
file  document.php
 Page of linked files onto trip and expens reports.
file  index.php
 Page list of expenses.
file  info.php
 Page to show a trip information.
file  list.php
 list of expense reports
file  note.php
 Tab for notes on expense reports.
file  list.php
 Payment list for expense reports.
file  index.php
 Page for statistics of module trips and expenses.

Detailed Description

Module to manage expense report.

Replace old module Deplacement.