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journals_list.php File Reference

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 fieldListJournal ($fieldlist, $obj='', $tabname='', $context='')
 Show fields in insert/edit mode. More...


 if (!defined( 'CSRFCHECK_WITH_TOKEN')) = GETPOST('limit', 'int') ?GETPOST('limit', 'int') : $conf->liste_limit

Detailed Description

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Setup page to configure journals

Definition in file journals_list.php.

Function Documentation

◆ fieldListJournal()

fieldListJournal (   $fieldlist,
  $obj = '',
  $tabname = '',
  $context = '' 

Show fields in insert/edit mode.

array$fieldlistArray of fields
Object$objIf we show a particular record, obj is filled with record fields
string$tabnameName of SQL table
string$context'add'=Output field for the "add form", 'edit'=Output field for the "edit form", 'hide'=Output field for the "add form" but we dont want it to be rendered

Definition at line 688 of file journals_list.php.

Variable Documentation

◆ if

if ( defined 'CSRFCHECK_WITH_TOKEN' = '') = GETPOST('limit', 'int') ?GETPOST('limit', 'int') : $conf->liste_limit

Definition at line 25 of file journals_list.php.