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ModeleBoxes Class Reference

Class ModeleBoxes. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($db, $param='')
 Constructor. More...
 error ()
 Return last error message. More...
 fetch ($rowid)
 Load a box line from its rowid. More...
 showBox ($head=null, $contents=null, $nooutput=0)
 Standard method to show a box (usage by boxes not mandatory, a box can still use its own showBox function) More...

Static Public Member Functions

static getWidgetsList ($forcedirwidget=null)
 Return list of widget. More...

Detailed Description

Class ModeleBoxes.

Boxes parent class

Definition at line 34 of file modules_boxes.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

ModeleBoxes::__construct (   $db,
  $param = '' 

Member Function Documentation

◆ error()

ModeleBoxes::error ( )

Return last error message.

string Error message

Definition at line 134 of file modules_boxes.php.

◆ fetch()

ModeleBoxes::fetch (   $rowid)

Load a box line from its rowid.

int$rowidRow id to load
int <0 if KO, >0 if OK

Definition at line 147 of file modules_boxes.php.

◆ getWidgetsList()

static ModeleBoxes::getWidgetsList (   $forcedirwidget = null)

Return list of widget.

Function used by admin page htdoc/admin/widget. List is sorted by widget filename so by priority to run.

array$forcedirwidgetnull=All default directories. This parameter is used by modulebuilder module only.
array Array list of widget

Definition at line 403 of file modules_boxes.php.

◆ showBox()

ModeleBoxes::showBox (   $head = null,
  $contents = null,
  $nooutput = 0 

Standard method to show a box (usage by boxes not mandatory, a box can still use its own showBox function)

array$headArray with properties of box title
array$contentsArray with properties of box lines
int$nooutputNo print, only return string

Reimplemented in mymodulewidget1, box_validated_projects, box_task, box_supplier_orders_awaiting_reception, box_supplier_orders, box_shipments, box_services_expired, box_services_contracts, box_scheduled_jobs, box_prospect, box_propales, box_project, box_produits_alerte_stock, box_produits, box_mos, box_members_subscriptions_by_year, box_members_last_subscriptions, box_members_last_modified, box_members_by_type, box_lastlogin, box_last_ticket, box_last_modified_ticket, box_graph_ticket_by_severity, box_graph_propales_permonth, box_graph_product_distribution, box_graph_orders_supplier_permonth, box_graph_orders_permonth, box_graph_new_vs_close_ticket, box_graph_nb_tickets_type, box_graph_nb_ticket_last_x_days, box_graph_invoices_supplier_permonth, box_graph_invoices_peryear, box_graph_invoices_permonth, box_goodcustomers, box_funnel_of_prospection, box_fournisseurs, box_ficheinter, box_factures_imp, box_factures_fourn_imp, box_factures_fourn, box_factures, box_external_rss, box_dolibarr_state_board, box_customers_outstanding_bill_reached, box_contracts, box_contacts, box_comptes, box_commandes, box_clients, box_bookmarks, box_boms, box_birthdays_members, box_birthdays, box_activity, box_actions, box_accountancy_suspense_account, and box_accountancy_last_manual_entries.

Definition at line 185 of file modules_boxes.php.

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