dolibarr  17.0.4
user Directory Reference



file  agenda_extsites.php [code]
 Page to setup external calendars for agenda module.
file  bank.php [code]
 Tab for HR and bank.
file  card.php [code]
 Tab of user card.
file  clicktodial.php [code]
 Page for Click to dial datas.
file  document.php [code]
 Tab for documents linked to user.
file  hierarchy.php [code]
 Page of hierarchy view of user module.
file  home.php [code]
 Home page of users and groups management.
file  info.php [code]
 Page des informations d'un utilisateur.
file  ldap.php [code]
 Page fiche LDAP utilisateur.
file  list.php [code]
 Page of users.
file  logout.php [code]
 Page called to disconnect a user.
file  note.php [code]
 Fiche de notes sur un utilisateur Dolibarr.
file  param_ihm.php [code]
 Page to show user setup for display.
file  passwordforgotten.php [code]
 Page to ask a new password.
file  perms.php [code]
 Page to set permission of a user record.
file  vcard.php [code]
 Onglet vcard d'un user.