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loan.lib.php File Reference

Library for loan module. More...

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 loan_prepare_head ($object)
 Prepare array with list of tabs. More...
 loanCalcMonthlyPayment ($mens, $capital, $rate, $numactualloadterm, $nbterm)
 Calculate remaining loan mensuality and interests. More...

Detailed Description

Library for loan module.

Definition in file loan.lib.php.

Function Documentation

◆ loan_prepare_head()

loan_prepare_head (   $object)

Prepare array with list of tabs.

Object$objectObject related to tabs
array Array of tabs to show

Definition at line 33 of file loan.lib.php.

◆ loanCalcMonthlyPayment()

loanCalcMonthlyPayment (   $mens,

Calculate remaining loan mensuality and interests.

float$mensValue of this mensuality (interests include, set 0 if we don't paid interests for this mensuality)
float$capitalRemaining capital for this mensuality
float$rateLoan rate
int$numactualloadtermActual loan term
int$nbtermTotal number of term for this loan
array Array with remaining capital, interest, and mensuality for each remaining terms

Definition at line 102 of file loan.lib.php.