dolibarr  18.0.6
Module datapolicy

datapolicy module descriptor. More...


file  modDataPolicy.class.php
 Description and activation file for the module datapolicy.
file  mailing.php
 Page called by the setupmail.php page to send agreements by email.
file  setup.php
 Datapolicy setup page to define duration of data keeping.
file  setupmail.php
 Datapolicy setup page to define email content end send email for end user agreement.
file  actions_datapolicy.class.php
 Example hook overload.
file  datapolicy.class.php
 Class to manage feature of Data Policy module.
file  datapolicycron.class.php
 File for cron task of module DataPolicy.
file  datapolicy.lib.php
 Library files with common functions for datapolicy.
file  index.php
 Page to show the result of updating it Data policiy preferences after an email campaign using sendMailDataPolicyContact()

Detailed Description

datapolicy module descriptor.