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InterfaceWorkflowManager Class Reference

Class of triggers for workflow module. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($db)
 Constructor. More...
 runTrigger ($action, $object, User $user, Translate $langs, Conf $conf)
 Function called when a Dolibarrr business event is done. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from DolibarrTriggers
 __construct (DoliDB $db)
 Constructor. More...
 getName ()
 Returns the name of the trigger file. More...
 getDesc ()
 Returns the description of trigger file. More...
 getVersion ()
 Returns the version of the trigger file. More...

Private Member Functions

 shouldClassify ($conf, $totalonlinkedelements, $object_total_ht)

Detailed Description

Class of triggers for workflow module.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

InterfaceWorkflowManager::__construct (   $db)


DoliDB$dbDatabase handler

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References name.

Member Function Documentation

◆ runTrigger()

InterfaceWorkflowManager::runTrigger (   $action,
User  $user,
Translate  $langs,
Conf  $conf 

Function called when a Dolibarrr business event is done.

All functions "runTrigger" are triggered if file is inside directory htdocs/core/triggers or htdocs/module/code/triggers (and declared)

string$actionEvent action code
User$userObject user
Translate$langsObject langs
conf$confObject conf
int <0 if KO, 0 if no triggered ran, >0 if OK

Reimplemented from DolibarrTriggers.

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◆ shouldClassify()

InterfaceWorkflowManager::shouldClassify (   $conf,
Object$confDolibarr settings object
float$totalonlinkedelementsSum of total amounts (excl VAT) of invoices linked to $object
float$object_total_htThe total amount (excl VAT) of the object (an order, a proposal, a bill, etc.)
bool True if the amounts are equal (rounded on total amount) True if the module is configured to skip the amount equality check False otherwise.

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