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modLdap Class Reference

Class to describe and enable module Ldap. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($db)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DolibarrModules
 getName ()
 Gives the translated module name if translation exists in admin.lang or into language files of module.
 getDesc ()
 Gives the translated module description if translation exists in admin.lang or the default module description.
 getDescLong ()
 Gives the long description of a module.
 getDescLongReadmeFound ()
 Return path of file if a README file was found.
 getChangeLog ()
 Gives the changelog.
 getPublisher ()
 Gives the publisher name.
 getPublisherUrl ()
 Gives the publisher url.
 getVersion ($translated=1)
 Gives module version (translated if param $translated is on) For 'experimental' modules, gives 'experimental' translation For 'dolibarr' modules, gives Dolibarr version.
 getModulePosition ()
 Gives the module position.
 isCoreOrExternalModule ()
 Tells if module is core or external.
 getLangFilesArray ()
 Gives module related language files list.
 getExportDatasetLabel ($r)
 Gives translated label of an export dataset.
 getImportDatasetLabel ($r)
 Gives translated label of an import dataset.
 getLastActivationDate ()
 Gives the last date of activation.
 getLastActivationInfo ()
 Gives the last author of activation.
 insert_boxes ($option='')
 Adds boxes.
 delete_boxes ()
 Removes boxes.
 insert_cronjobs ()
 Adds cronjobs.
 delete_cronjobs ()
 Removes boxes.
 delete_tabs ()
 Removes tabs.
 insert_tabs ()
 Adds tabs.
 insert_const ()
 Adds constants.
 delete_const ()
 Removes constants tagged 'deleteonunactive'.
 insert_permissions ($reinitadminperms=0, $force_entity=null, $notrigger=0)
 Adds access rights.
 delete_permissions ()
 Removes access rights.
 insert_menus ()
 Adds menu entries.
 delete_menus ()
 Removes menu entries.
 create_dirs ()
 Creates directories.
 insert_dirs ($name, $dir)
 Adds directories definitions.
 delete_dirs ()
 Removes directories.
 insert_module_parts ()
 Save configuration for generic features.
 delete_module_parts ()
 Removes generic parts.
 init ($options='')
 Function called when module is enabled.
 remove ($options='')
 Function called when module is disabled.
 getKanbanView ($codeenabledisable='', $codetoconfig='')
 Return Kanban view of a module.
 checkForUpdate ()
 Check for module update TODO : store results for $this->url_last_version and $this->needUpdate Add a cron task to monitor for updates.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from DolibarrModules
 $lastVersion = ''
 Module last version.
 $needUpdate = false
 true indicate this module need update
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DolibarrModules
 _init ($array_sql, $options='')
 Enables a module.
 _remove ($array_sql, $options='')
 Disable function.
 _active ()
 Insert constants for module activation.
 _unactive ()
 Module deactivation.
 _load_tables ($reldir, $onlywithsuffix='')
 Create tables and keys required by module:
 declareNewDictionary ($dictionaryArray, $langs='')
 Helper method to declare dictionaries one at a time (rather than declaring dictionaries property by property).

Detailed Description

Class to describe and enable module Ldap.

Definition at line 33 of file modLdap.class.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

modLdap::__construct ( $db)


Define names, constants, directories, boxes, permissions

DoliDB$dbDatabase handler

Reimplemented from DolibarrModules.

Definition at line 40 of file modLdap.class.php.

References description, and name.

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