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new.php File Reference

Example of form to add a new member. More...

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 llxHeaderVierge ($title, $head="", $disablejs=0, $disablehead=0, $arrayofjs='', $arrayofcss='')
 Show header for new member. More...
 llxFooterVierge ()
 Show footer for new member. More...

Detailed Description

Example of form to add a new member.

Note that you can add following constant to change behaviour of page MEMBER_NEWFORM_AMOUNT Default amount for auto-subscribe form MEMBER_MIN_AMOUNT Minimum amount MEMBER_NEWFORM_PAYONLINE Suggest payment with paypal, paybox or stripe MEMBER_NEWFORM_DOLIBARRTURNOVER Show field turnover (specific for dolibarr foundation) MEMBER_URL_REDIRECT_SUBSCRIPTION Url to redirect once registration form has been submitted (hidden option, by default we just show a message on same page or redirect to the payment page) MEMBER_NEWFORM_FORCETYPE Force type of member MEMBER_NEWFORM_FORCEMORPHY Force nature of member (mor/phy) MEMBER_NEWFORM_FORCECOUNTRYCODE Force country

Definition in file new.php.

Function Documentation

◆ llxFooterVierge()

llxFooterVierge ( )

Show footer for new member.


Definition at line 162 of file new.php.

◆ llxHeaderVierge()

llxHeaderVierge (   $title,
  $head = "",
  $disablejs = 0,
  $disablehead = 0,
  $arrayofjs = '',
  $arrayofcss = '' 

Show header for new member.

string$headHead array
int$disablejsMore content into html header
int$disableheadMore content into html header
array$arrayofjsArray of complementary js files
array$arrayofcssArray of complementary css files

Definition at line 113 of file new.php.