dolibarr  16.0.5
facture Directory Reference



file  card-rec.php [code]
 Page to show predefined invoice.
file  card.php [code]
 Page for supplier invoice card (view, edit, validate)
file  contact.php [code]
 Onglet de gestion des contacts des factures.
file  document.php [code]
 Page to manage documents joined to vendor invoices.
file  index.php [code]
 Home page of customer invoices area.
file  info.php [code]
 Page des informations d'une facture fournisseur.
file  list.php [code]
 List of suppliers invoices.
file  note.php [code]
 Fiche de notes sur une facture fournisseur.
file  paiement.php [code]
 Payment page for supplier invoices.
file  rapport.php [code]
 Payment reports page.