dolibarr  16.0.5
recruitment Directory Reference


directory  core


file  recruitmentcandidature_agenda.php [code]
 Page of RecruitmentCandidature events.
file  recruitmentcandidature_card.php [code]
 Page to create/edit/view recruitmentcandidature.
file  recruitmentcandidature_document.php [code]
 Tab for documents linked to RecruitmentCandidature.
file  recruitmentcandidature_list.php [code]
 List page for recruitmentcandidature.
file  recruitmentcandidature_note.php [code]
 Car with notes on RecruitmentCandidature.
file  recruitmentindex.php [code]
 Home page of recruitment top menu.
file  recruitmentjobposition_agenda.php [code]
 Page of RecruitmentJobPosition events.
file  recruitmentjobposition_applications.php [code]
 Page to see/add applications of a job position.
file  recruitmentjobposition_card.php [code]
 Page to create/edit/view recruitmentjobposition.
file  recruitmentjobposition_document.php [code]
 Tab for documents linked to RecruitmentJobPosition.
file  recruitmentjobposition_list.php [code]
 List page for recruitmentjobposition.
file  recruitmentjobposition_note.php [code]
 Car with notes on RecruitmentJobPosition.