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InterfaceActionsAuto Class Reference

Class of triggered functions for agenda module. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($db)
 runTrigger ($action, $object, User $user, Translate $langs, Conf $conf)
 Function called when a Dolibarr business event is done.
- Public Member Functions inherited from DolibarrTriggers
 __construct (DoliDB $db)
 getName ()
 Returns the name of the trigger file.
 getDesc ()
 Returns the description of trigger file.
 getVersion ()
 Returns the version of the trigger file.
 setErrorsFromObject (CommonObject $object)

Detailed Description

Class of triggered functions for agenda module.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

InterfaceActionsAuto::__construct ( $db)


DoliDB$dbDatabase handler

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References description, and name.

Member Function Documentation

◆ runTrigger()

InterfaceActionsAuto::runTrigger ( $action,
User $user,
Translate $langs,
Conf $conf )

Function called when a Dolibarr business event is done.

All functions "runTrigger" are triggered if file is inside directory htdocs/core/triggers or htdocs/module/code/triggers (and declared)

Following properties may be set before calling trigger. The may be completed by this trigger to be used for writing the event into database: $object->actiontypecode (translation action code: AC_OTH, ...) $object->actionmsg (note, long text) $object->actionmsg2 (label, short text) $object->sendtoid (id of contact or array of ids of contacts) $object->socid (id of thirdparty) $object->fk_project $object->fk_element (ID of object to link action event to) $object->elementtype (->element of object to link action to) $object->module (if defined, elementtype in llx_actioncomm will be elementtype

string$actionEvent action code ('CONTRACT_MODIFY', 'RECRUITMENTCANDIDATURE_MODIFIY', or example by external module: 'SENTBYSMS'...)
User$userObject user
Translate$langsObject langs
conf$confObject conf
int Return integer <0 if KO, 0 if no triggered ran, >0 if OK

Reimplemented from DolibarrTriggers.

Definition at line 80 of file interface_50_modAgenda_ActionsAuto.class.php.

References $object, dol_concatdesc(), dol_copy(), dol_mkdir(), dol_now(), dol_print_date(), dol_syslog(), getDolGlobalString(), and name.

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