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ActionsCardCompany Class Reference

ActionsCardCompany. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($db, $dirmodule, $targetmodule, $canvas, $card)
 Constructor. More...
 assign_values (&$action, $id=0, $ref='')
 Assign custom values for canvas (for example into this->tpl to be used by templates) More...
 restrictedArea ($user, $features='societe', $objectid=0, $dbtablename='', $feature2='', $dbt_keyfield='fk_soc', $dbt_select='rowid')
 Check permissions of a user to show a page and an object. More...

Private Member Functions

 getTitle ($action)
 Return the title of card. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from ActionsCardCommon
 $tpl = array()
 Template container.
 Object container.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ActionsCardCommon
 getObject ($id, $ref='')
 Get object from id or ref and save it into this->object. More...

Detailed Description


Class with controller methods for thirdparty canvas

Definition at line 32 of file actions_card_company.class.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

ActionsCardCompany::__construct (   $db,


DoliDB$dbHandler access base de donnees
string$dirmoduleName of directory of module
string$targetmoduleName of directory of module where canvas is stored
string$canvasName of canvas
string$cardName of tab (sub-canvas)

Definition at line 43 of file actions_card_company.class.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ assign_values()

ActionsCardCompany::assign_values ( $action,
  $id = 0,
  $ref = '' 

Assign custom values for canvas (for example into this->tpl to be used by templates)

string$actionType of action
integer$idId of object
string$refRef of object

Reimplemented from ActionsCardCommon.

Definition at line 87 of file actions_card_company.class.php.

◆ getTitle()

ActionsCardCompany::getTitle (   $action)

Return the title of card.

string$actionAction code
string Title

Definition at line 58 of file actions_card_company.class.php.

◆ restrictedArea()

ActionsCardCompany::restrictedArea (   $user,
  $features = 'societe',
  $objectid = 0,
  $dbtablename = '',
  $feature2 = '',
  $dbt_keyfield = 'fk_soc',
  $dbt_select = 'rowid' 

Check permissions of a user to show a page and an object.

Check read permission If $_REQUEST['action'] defined, we also check write permission.

User$userUser to check
string$featuresFeatures to check (in most cases, it's module name)
int$objectidObject ID if we want to check permission on a particular record (optional)
string$dbtablenameTable name where object is stored. Not used if objectid is null (optional)
string$feature2Feature to check (second level of permission)
string$dbt_keyfieldField name for socid foreign key if not fk_soc. (optional)
string$dbt_selectField name for select if not rowid. (optional)
int 1

Definition at line 201 of file actions_card_company.class.php.

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