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invoice2.lib.php File Reference

Function to rebuild PDF and merge PDF files into one. More...

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 rebuild_merge_pdf ($db, $langs, $conf, $diroutputpdf, $newlangid, $filter, $dateafterdate, $datebeforedate, $paymentdateafter, $paymentdatebefore, $usestdout, $regenerate=0, $filesuffix='', $paymentbankid='', $thirdpartiesid=[], $fileprefix='mergedpdf')
 Function to build a compiled PDF. More...

Detailed Description

Function to rebuild PDF and merge PDF files into one.

Definition in file invoice2.lib.php.

Function Documentation

◆ rebuild_merge_pdf()

rebuild_merge_pdf (   $db,
  $regenerate = 0,
  $filesuffix = '',
  $paymentbankid = '',
  $thirdpartiesid = [],
  $fileprefix = 'mergedpdf' 

Function to build a compiled PDF.

DoliDB$dbDatabase handler
Translate$langsObject langs
Conf$confObject conf
string$diroutputpdfDir to output file
string$newlangidLang id
array$filterArray with filters
integer$dateafterdateInvoice after date
integer$datebeforedateInvoice before date
integer$paymentdateafterPayment after date (must includes hour)
integer$paymentdatebeforePayment before date (must includes hour)
int$usestdoutAdd information onto standard output
int$regenerate''=Use existing PDF files, 'nameofpdf'=Regenerate all PDF files using the template
string$filesuffixSuffix to add into file name of generated PDF
string$paymentbankidOnly if payment on this bank account id
array$thirdpartiesidList of thirdparties id when using filter=excludethirdpartiesid or filter=onlythirdpartiesid
string$fileprefixPrefix to add into filename of generated PDF
int Error code

Definition at line 52 of file invoice2.lib.php.