dolibarr  19.0.0-dev
tools Directory Reference


file  dolibarr_export.php [code]
 Page to export database.
file  dolibarr_import.php [code]
 Page to import database.
file  export.php [code]
 Page to export a database into a dump file.
file  export_files.php [code]
 Page to export documents into a compressed file.
file  index.php [code]
 Page d'accueil de l'espace outils admin.
file  listevents.php [code]
 List of security events.
file  listsessions.php [code]
 List of PHP sessions.
file  purge.php [code]
 Page to purge files (temporary or not)
file  update.php [code]
 Page to make a Dolibarr online upgrade.