dolibarr  20.0.0-alpha
class Directory Reference


file  html.formproduct.class.php [code]
 File for class with methods for building product related HTML components.
file  product.class.php [code]
 File of class to manage the predefined products or services.
file  productbatch.class.php [code]
 Manage record and specific data for batch number management.
file  productcustomerprice.class.php [code]
 File of class to manage predefined price products or services by customer.
file  productfournisseurprice.class.php [code]
 This file is a CRUD class file for ProductFournisseurPrice (Create/Read/Update/Delete)
file  propalmergepdfproduct.class.php [code]
 This file is an CRUD class file (Create/Read/Update/Delete)