dolibarr  20.0.0-alpha
install Directory Reference



file  check.php [code]
 Test if file conf can be modified and if does not exists, test if install process can create it.
file  fileconf.php [code]
 Ask all information required to build Dolibarr htdocs/conf/conf.php file (will be written to disk on next page step1)
file  inc.php [code]
 File that define environment for support pages.
file  index.php [code]
 Show page to select language.
file  phpinfo.php [code]
 Show page phpinfo.
file  repair.php [code]
 Run repair script.
file  step1.php [code]
 Build conf file on disk.
file  step2.php [code]
 Create tables, primary keys, foreign keys, indexes and functions into database and then load reference data.
file  step4.php [code]
 Ask login and password of Dolibarr admin user.
file  step5.php [code]
 Last page of upgrade / install process.
file  upgrade.php [code]
 Run migration script.
file  upgrade2.php [code]
 Upgrade some data.