dolibarr  19.0.2
Here is a list of all modules:
 Module DolibarrApiAPI explorer using the swagger.json file
 Module foundationModule to manage members of a foundation
 Module agendaModule to manage agenda and events
 Module AssetsAsset module descriptor
 Module bankModule pour gerer la tenue d'un compte bancaire et rapprochements
 Module barcodeModule pour gerer les codes barres
 Module BlockedLogAdd a log into a block chain for some actions
 Module BomBom module descriptor
 Module BookCalBookCal module descriptor
 Module bookmarksModule to manage Bookmarks
 Module categoriesModule to manage categories
 Module clicktodialModule to manage a ClickToDial system
 Module collabCollab module descriptor
 Module ordersModule pour gerer le suivi des commandes
 Module ComptabiliteModule to include accounting functions (account management and reporting)
 Module contractModule pour gerer la tenue de contrat de services
 Module cronCron module descriptor
 Module datapolicyDatapolicy module descriptor
 Module davDav module descriptor
 Module Debug barDebugbar module descriptor
 Module tripsModule pour gerer les deplacements et notes de frais
 Module mass mailingsModule pour gerer des generations de documents
 Module donationsModule to manage the follow-up of the donations
 Module dynamic pricesModule to manage dynamic prices in products
 Module ECMModule ECM (Electronic Content Management) to manage Documents
 Module EmailcollectorModule to collect emails
 Module EventOrganizationEventOrganization module descriptor
 Module ShippingModule to manage product shipments
 Module expensereportModule to manage expense report
 Module ExportModule to manage data exports from Dolibarr database
 Module externalrssModule pour inclure des informations externes RSS
 Module externalsiteModule to include an external web site/tools into Dolibarr menu and into a frame page
 Module customer invoicesModule to manage customer invoices
 Module fckeditorModule pour mettre en page les zones de saisie de texte
 Module InterventionsModule to manage intervention cards
 Module suppliersModule to manage suppliers relations and activities
 Module ftpModule for FTP client module
 Module geoipmaxmindModule to make geoip conversions
 Module gravatarModule to use Gravatar to show photo of users
 Module holidayModule for leave/vacation management
 Module hrmModule for Human Resource Management (HRM)
 Module importModule to make generic import of data into dolibarr database
 Module MyModule
 Module KnowledgeManagementKnowledgeManagement module descriptor
 Module labelsModule pour gerer les formats d'impression des etiquettes
 Module ldapModule to manage LDAP interfaces with contacts or users
 Module LoansModule to include loans management
 Module emailingModule to manage EMailings
 Module mailmanspipModule to manage mailman and spip
 Module marginModule to manage margins
 Module ModuleBuilderAdd a log into a block chain for some actions
 Module MrpModule to manage Manufacturing Orders (MO)
 Module MultiCurrencyHandle multiple currencies on company/propal/orders ..
 Module notificationModule for managing notifications (by e-mail or other means)
 Module oauthModule for activation of Oauth for several Api Access
 Module opensurveyModule to OpenSurvey integration
 Module PartnershipPartnership module descriptor
 Module payboxAdd integration with Paybox online payment system
 Module paymentbybanktransferModule to manage payment by bank transfer
 Module paypalAdd integration with Paypal online payment system
 Module prelevementModule to manage Direct debit orders
 Module printingModule for activation of printing icon to make direct printing
 Module batch number managementManagement module for batch number, eat-by and sell-by date for product
 Module projectModule to create projects/tasks/gantt diagram
 Module commercial proposalsModule to manage commercial proposals
 Module ReceptionModule to manage receptions of products
 Module RecruitmentRecruitment module descriptor
 Module resourceResource module descriptor
 Module salariesModule to include salaries management
 Module servicesModule pour gerer le suivi de services predefinis
 Module SocialNetworksAdd a SocialNetworks button
 Module societeModule to manage third parties (customers, prospects)
 Module stocksModule pour gerer la tenue de stocks produits
 Module StockTransferStockTransfer module descriptor
 Module stripeAdd integration with Stripe online payment system
 Module supplier_proposalModule to request supplier price proposals
 Module SyslogModule to manage error messages in syslog
 Module TakePosTakePos module descriptor
 Module TicketModule for ticket and request management
 Module user managementModule to manage users and usergroups
 Module WebhookWebhook module descriptor
 Module webservicesModule to enable the Dolibarr server of web services
 Module websiteWebsite module descriptor
 Module workflowWorkflow management
 Module WorkstationWorkstation module descriptor
 Module ZapierZapier module descriptor
 Module MyModuleMyModule module descriptor